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Shari Dale 

Director of Operations



Hello, Thank you for connecting with us. My name is Shari Dale.

I started my career in the construction fields completing my Trade as a Sheet Metal Worker, moving into Estimating and over a 15-year period achieved a Gold Seal Certification in Mechanical Estimating and Engineer Design.

During this time I was certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Opening my first Yoga Studio and expanding it into a  complete Wellness Center.

Including Chiropractic, Naturopath and Massage Therapy. Opened a second Yoga Studio Location and a Yoga Teacher Training School in Ontario and another in Alberta. 

Always working, aiming higher, wanting more, never stopping to be simply be present to my own life.

 I'm sure this may sounds familiar to some of you.

 I see people lost, I see suffering more than ever, I see frazzled nervous systems including my own. I see a lot of us just don’t know what to do with all of this, and how to bring peace or any form of balance back in our life.

I see us not understanding why we fly off the handle a drop of a hat or pull back and disassociate with family or loved one. Its NOT OUR FAULT.

I have recently moved from back home to Ontario after living 7 years in Fort McMurray AB. Enduring the Wild Fires of Fort McMurray in 2016 and the Ice River Break. So many of us have experience Traumatic Events and don’t really think of ourselves as Survivors. Bad Car Accidents, Disconnect from Family, Childhood Physical/Emotional Abuse, Childhood Neglect Abandonment, Sexual Assault, Abusive Adult Relationships. Alcohol and Drug Addictions, Overeating, Chronic Sleep Issues. They can add up.

So many of us have experienced trauma in our lives but never really realized we are living our lives with a totally different nervous system due to these events, either over a long period of time on one major event.

Its not our Fault

 You are enough! and You are not alone.


We are Here to Help You Find Balance.

How can we help?

Additional Training Include:

  • E-RYT 500

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

  • Therapeutic Yoga Specialist

  • Trauma Informed Meditations-Reclaim Rest in a world that makes it inaccessible

  • Restorative Yoga Specialist

  • Yin Yoga Specialist

  • Registered Children's Yoga Teacher

  • Street Yoga, Homeless and At Risk Youth

  • Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis

  • Advancing Yoga Postures

  • Advanced Chakra Yoga

  • Advanced Raja Yoga- Taming the Mind for Inner Peace

  • Pre-Natal Yoga Specialist

  • Post Natal Specialist

  • Advanced Yoga for Athletes

  • Yoga Sutras 1 and 2

  • Mantra in Yoga

  • Deepening your Asana Sadhana

  • Certified Dona International Birth Doula

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapist

  • Reiki Certified

  • Certified Ordained Minister

  • Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

  • International Yoga Alliance Member 

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