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Addiction Recovery

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Lily Rain Recovery Centre
Addiction Treatment Facility
You Can Trust

Lily Rain believes that women heal better with other women


Recovery gives back what addiction has taken” We offer a safe space for women battling with addiction and concurrent disorders.

Specializing in gender-focused, evidence-based therapies and more


Lily Rain Recovery Center is a newly established addiction treatment facility in Ontario, Canada. We offer a fresh perspective on effective alcohol and substance abuse management.

Lily Rain Recovery Center

Another Road
Addiction Recover Centre

Another Road Addiction Recovery Centre provides addiction treatment for individuals or family members suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism. We introduce all the necessary tools and components that is apart of a successful sustained recovery in order for addicts to lead a fulfilling life free from drugs and alcohol.


18 years or older

Experiencing a substance use or addiction problem

Voluntarily seeking treatment

Motivated and committed to building a healthier lifestyle free from addiction

Individual not at risk of severe withdrawal complications, or is 72 hours clean, sober, and relatively stable

Port Perry, Ontario

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