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Jonathan Psychotherapy for You

Johann Kong
Registered Social Worker

I hold 3 degrees and several counselling certifications which include a Master's
Degree in Social Work from University of Toronto, Bachelor of Social Work
Degree from the University of Windsor and Bachelor of Arts from Western
University and Human Resource Professional Certificate from Sheridan College.
I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service
Workers. My experience profile has several decades specializations in pediatrics
and child and family counselling.
I have over 30 years of experience providing support to individuals, couples, and
families through major life crisis working in large helping agencies such as Child
Welfare, Employee Assistance Planning for domestic and international
customers, Pediatric Hospital Settings in psychiatry and emergency/trauma and
Community Addictions and Mental Health in adult and child and youth
populations. 20 of these years have been in clinical leadership roles managing
to ensure that there is evidence and measurable treatment programs in place. I
feel at heart that I’m a generalist and have a diverse set of experiences to
support a wide range of issues. My expertise is primarily with acute mental
health and addictions related issues but I’ve recently left managing community
agency work to work in private practice to help people I want in my practice such
as yourselves.
I can bring in our work together a wide range of expertise and experiences from a
seasoned professional mindset that puts your needs in centre. More
importantly, I understand pain and trauma and know how hard it can be to
navigate through these experiences towards health and wellness. I am
committed to providing a safe, caring, non-judgmental space to support you in
your journey.
Generally, I have a holistic and eclectic approach to my treatment practice. I tend
to favor a Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy frameworks
which tend to be more client driven models of intervention. I can of course draw
from a number of different therapeutic models that may suite you if needed. I
have a score of certifications and will continue to build on them as I’m a life
learner and strive to always grow as a professional. What you will get however

is something that is very practical and often tool-based work that we can
measure over time.

“Cover me in sunshine, shower me with good times. Tell me the world’s been spinning
since the beginning and everything will be alright” Pink

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