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Psychotherapy Services
(289) 205-3505

If you do not have private insurance or employee benefits to assist with financing therapy, or you have exhausted your annual benefits, please be aware that any out-of-pocket service fees paid can be included as medical expenses on your next income tax return for a FEDERAL TAX CREDIT. 

Psychotherapy typically involves meeting one on one with a trained mental health professional to talk about the things in your life that cause tension for you. It typically involves regular sessions, usually fifty minutes in length. Duration and frequency vary depending on the nature of your problem(s) and your individual needs. We offer Online/Video Therapy and Telephone Therapy via a PHIPA compliant platform.

At Psychotherapy for You we believe mental health care should be accessible. As such, we are very pleased to offer all of our services via PHIPA-compliant platform. Now, you can meet regularly with your individual or couple’s therapist from the comfort and safety of your home.

We offer Individual, Couples, Family, Group Psychotherapy and Life Coaching.

We Specialize in:

Depression and Anxiety
Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders
Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors
Acculturation and Cross Cultural Issues
Life and Career Transitions
Low Self Esteem

Personal Growth
Panic Attacks
Loss and Grief
Relationship Issues
Social Anxiety
Stress Management

These are just some examples. There are endless reasons to speak with one of our therapists – including simply having someone to talk to.

How Can We Help You?

We all struggle at times and it's not always easy to always keep up.

What type of therapy are you looking for?

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

—Friedrich Nietzsche

Our individual counseling sessions have at their foundation the goal of helping each person function at his or her best. We aim to help each individual attain more complete self understanding; develop skills for improving relationships; find new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; improve communication skills; break negative and self-destructive patterns; increase career satisfaction; and, increase self esteem and self-confidence.

"What makes a relationship mature is the degree to which people can own their part, their responsibility for the messes and the improvements" - Esther Perel

Couple and family therapy can be necessary to help develop better communication skills, resolve conflict and create healthy, more flexible boundaries between loved ones. Most couples and families are driven to therapy because of a crisis such as a divorce, loss or repetitive fighting. Couple and family therapy can help resolve old patterns of interacting and create space for healthy rewarding connection.

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” —Brad Henry

Psychotherapy for You is a family-centered psychotherapy practice serving growth-minded, progressive families all over  Ontario Canada. At Psychotherapy for You we believe in an integrative approach to psychotherapy for kids, teens, and families. We strive to improve familial relationships, strengthen communication, and develop holistic strategies that help families cope with challenges and reach their full potential.

"Success in group creates success in life"

Group Therapy can be a powerful way to work through interpersonal issues related to the past, present and future. Groups function as a microcosm of the real world. Safe, confidential group psychotherapy can provide the space to allow one to work through issues that may hinder personal development. HOW? Because hearing how other people have dealt with their issues, even simply how another person suffers from something we know, can help us understand our own predicament.

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