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Sheena therapy near me

Sheena Shilton

Registered Psychotherapist, RP CAC II

My area of expertise are Addictions and Mental Health. With Addictions and Mental Health there are a variety of complex issues that can arise from these difficulties. I provide therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. My approach is psycho-educational, using practice methods, and cognitive behavioural therapy to help change dysfunctional behaviour patterns that are interfering with daily life.

As an Addictions and Mental Health Counsellor with The Royal Mental Health Care Centre for the 8 years, in the Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders Unit. I owned my private practice in Smiths Falls, Ontario for 3 years; then I moved to Alberta in 2017. I have had the privilege of becoming an expert in assisting individuals to process the journey of Addiction and Mental Health; in addressing the complex issues through varying relationships and impacts on major life areas .

Anger and aggression
Relationship/marital problems
Addiction/Substance abuse as well as process addictions (gambling, sex, screen and food etc.)

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? ~Rumi
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