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  • Do you offer sliding scale rates?
    Sliding-scale therapy is simply therapy offered for sliding-scale fees based on a person's income. Both non-profit clinics and private practice therapists frequently use this method to make therapy accessible for people who can't afford their standard rates. YES. We do offer Sliding Scale. Please Contact Us for rates. There is limited availability.
  • How long does each therapy session take?
    Psychotherapy sessions usually involves regular sessions, usually fifty minutes in length. Duration and frequency vary depending on the nature of your problem(s) and your individual needs. 50 Minute Sessions Typically
  • Do you offer NIHB?
    YES. Check out our NIHB page or contact us for more information.
  • Do you offer Telus Health Ontario?
    What is eClaims? eClaims is a web-based system where healthcare providers can submit claims online on behalf of their patients. The portal is accessible via the internet and offers eligible extended healthcare providers the convenience of capturing and submitting electronic claims to their patient’s insurance company at their point-of-sale. Yes. We offer Telus Health.
  • Are your therapists considered Psychotherapists?
    Can a registered social worker or registered social service worker perform the controlled act of psychotherapy? Yes. Members of the OCSWSSW are authorized to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy in compliance with the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998 (the “SWSSWA”), its regulations and bylaws.
  • Do you offer Online/Remote Therapy?
    At Psychotherapy for You we believe mental health care should be accessible. As such, we are very pleased to offer all of our services via HIPAA-compliant platform. Now, you can meet regularly with your individual or couple’s therapist from the comfort and safety of your home. YES. We offer online, remote, text and phone therapy.
  • What are your fees?
    Psychotherapy Fees: (new pricing as of June 01, 2023) Individual Therapy Session 50 minutes​ $145 ​ Couples Therapy Session 50 minutes $160/ 75 minutes $185 ​ Family Therapy Session 50 minutes $180 ​ Group Therapy Session (contact for pricing and availability)
  • What ages of children do you work with?
    We work with children over age of 8. Children under the age of 8 respond best to in person play therapy.
  • Do you provide therapy to Companies and Residential Treatment Centers?
    Yes, we do. Please contact us HERE for more information.
  • Do you work with WSIB?
    YES. WE currently have 3 therapists working in partnership with WSIB.
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