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Fema Jacob psychotherapy for you ontario

Fema Jacob

Registered Social Worker

Hello and Welcome.

I want to understand the intricate details of your life that make you uniquely you and would be honored to facilitate the process of your self discovery and healing. I love working with individuals in all walks of life including but not limited to individuals experiencing anxiety, panic and/or anxiety attacks, phobias,  issues controlling anger, individuals wanting to improve self-esteem, those suffering from grief and loss of relationships, addictions, as well as those individuals looking for support with general life stressors.

As a Registered Social Worker, I draw from various therapeutic techniques including EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Chair Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming to create a custom intervention plan for you to reach your goals and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Understanding why people suffer, how they change, and how to help them live more satisfying and gratifying lives is a fascinating, huge, and important undertaking.

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