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Myra Meier
"You are not alone. You are seen. I am with you. You are not alone." - Shonda Rhimes

Myra Meier

Registered Social Worker

My practice is concentrated around a client-centred approach, always bearing in mind the philosophy of ‘unconditional positive regard’ that should be afforded every person. Working together with my clients we will identify challenges, make goals and work towards recognizing and removing obstacles. My aspiration as a therapist is to create a safe environment in which work can be collaborative, address the impacts of trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and/or grief and make the changes necessary to live the healthy and fulfilling life that my clients want.


Some of my specialized training and experience includes CBT, Narrative Therapy, ACT, and Trauma Training. I have been trained for several years while working in the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy in Kingston ON, with clients who have experienced child sexual trauma and abuse.

I had been in the Canadian Military Reserves for over 30 years as a Medical Assistant and Health Care Administrator and wanted to assist Soldiers with their Mental Health struggles so I earned my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology in 2017 and my Masters in Social Work in 2021. 


Training: Becks CBT essentials, Beck Depression, Becks Anxiety (almost complete), ACT workshop, Narrative therapy (from MACP Practicum placement).

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